We stayed at “Wakakusa no Yado Maruei” for 2 nights with a 1 year old child ~Room~

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We stayed at “Wakakusa no Yado Maruei”

This time, we stayed at “Wakakusa no Yado Maruei” near Lake Kawaguchi in Yamanashi Prefecture!

We took our 1 year old with us, so this article summarizes

  • How hotel staff treated children
  • What was the room like?
  • What is this hotel’s score out of ★5?

Also, I wrote about hotel meals in another article, so please check it out if you like. ↓


【一休.com】若草の宿 丸栄

【楽天トラベル】富士河口湖温泉 若草の宿 丸栄

Let’s Check in! “Matcha” is offered upon arrival at the lobby lounge

Hotel staff brought us matcha, japanese sweets, and towel soon after we check-in.

We enjoyed it so much!

This kind of thing makes me feel like I’ve come to a Japanese-style hotel.

After this, I went to a souvenir shop to see the ingredients for this sweets, and the ingredients were very simple.

the ambience of the hotel

What surprised me was something like a fountain on the first floor!

You can hear the constant sound of running water

There were tables and sofas in front of the fountain.

Taking a break in the lobby while listening to the sound of flowing water was very relaxing!

There was also a tea room area next to it (probably for viewing)

What the room looked like

When you enter the room, it looks like this ↓

After entering the entrance, we took off our shoes.
In the hallway, there was a closet, a bathroom(toilet), a refrigerator, and a heat-retaining pot.

There was no space to put a stroller at the entrance (maybe you can put a compact one)

When we opened the fusuma, there was a Japanese-style room.

I forgot to take a picture, but you can see the washroom from this room (you can’t see it if you pull down the roll curtain)

There was even a massage chair!

I tried it for a while, and it worked pretty well

Lake Kawaguchi seen from the window was beautiful.

I made a reservation in advance for the baby bath, so it was prepared in the room.

There were no items that our child might break (pots, vases, etc.), so I was able to let him play freely in the room.

By the way, this was the view of Lake Kawaguchi from the restaurant where breakfast was served↓

I was so impressed with how the hotel staff treat children!

What I was most happy about was that every hotel staff was really kind!

They treated my son kindly.
They were friendly but modest and moderately responsive, so it was a very comfortable stay.

In addition, they always anticipated the customers behavior and served customers, so it was perfect.

A few things that were a little disappointing

Overall it was a very good hotel, but if I dare to mention the points that were disappointing,

  • The face towel was quite thin, and a little cheap. So, when I used it, it left little pieces of fabric on my hands or my face.
  • The water pressure of the shower was low.
  • The floor of the shower room is slippery
  • There is no hand soap in the toilet, so you need to go to the washroom to wash your hands
  • The washroom is far from the toilet
  • At night, you can’t sleep unless you turn off all the lights in the washroom and bathroom.
    (Shafts of light appeared through the crack in the curtains)
  • The room key is not an auto-lock, so you have to close it every time (that’s what a japanese-style hotel (Ryokan) is like)
  • I couldn’t sleep for a while because of the noisy sound of drainage in the middle of the night (maybe it depends on the day)
  • A piece of paper with the guest’s last name written on it is taped to the wall next to the door, so other guests can know the last name.

“Wakakusa no Yado Maruei” is rated★4 out of ★5 !

I give it a ★4 out of ★5

My child was running around the room, so I couldn’t have time to relax.
that was a little disappointing.

If you don’t have to worry about your child, you can relax while looking at Lake Kawaguchi from the massage chair or the open-air bath in the guest room.

There is also an observatory on the hotel’s rooftop where you can see Mt. Fuji, so that is also recommended.

There were steep stairs leading to the observatory, which we could not go with a stroller, so that we gave up